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Create your own wedding ring

Bespoke wedding rings with Simon Henderson gives you the opportunity to handcraft your own unique wedding rings. Together we can design, engrave and polish your ring, with you involved in every step of the process.


Personal design appointments allow you to shape and engrave your ring in wax. Once the ring has been cast in your chosen metal another appointment lets you re-engrave the ring and polish it. If you prefer, there is also the option to design and create your ring from a distance. The Costs and Options page explains more about how this can be done.


From Platinum through to  Silver or Gold, you can even create your wedding ring from your own melted down metals that you may already have. This upcycling offers a very affordable and economical option and can add even more sentiment if using a family heirloom. 

My thinking

I decided to develop this idea for people who want designs of their own creations, for those that relish the experience of being involved in the process for themselves. I am actually quite new to wedding ring design, but I think that helps create a fresh approach to the process. I can create rings alongside my client allowing them to be as involved as they would like to be.  I’m finding that it’s a really enjoyable creative process, and I love seeing how happy people are with the final results.

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